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What happens when a serial entrepreneur is faced with a family food allergy and discovers a magical new food product? Mix in a Clark Kent need to make the world a happier and healthier place and Naked Coconuts was born.

Paul’s Story

It was 2012 and I was fresh out of school, wide-eyed, eager, and wanting to wake up every morning challenged and excited. But as determined and committed as I was, I was never able to find what I was looking for while working for someone else. (Patience has never been my strength.)

I was only out of school a few months when I learned my nephew was diagnosed with a soy allergy and saw him struggle to find delicious and healthy food options. Because of him I discovered the magical foods of coconuts. It was like life slapped me on the back and whispered ‘You got this’.

My company would be completely committed to transparency, environmental conservation, animal welfare, and having fun. It was just a crazy idea but it followed me everywhere.

I would toss and turn in my sleep thinking ‘What about a Soy-less Soy Sauce’? It seemed crazy enough to work. I spent hours researching coconut aminos, coconut nectar, and coconut oils. It’s a rabbit hole that I’ve fallen into and never wanted to come out of.

My love and awe of coconuts hasn’t waned because it changes lives. We started with a Soy-Free Sauce and a company named Kokolush (it was changed to Naked Coconuts pretty quickly) and from there we’ve created coconut syrups, sauces, and of course oils. I know it’s only the beginning because there are so many more ideas for Naked Coconuts that keep me up all night with excitement.

With Lots of Coconut Love,


Naked Health Facts

Values & Purpose

A tablespoon of coconut oil a day keeps the fat away! Coconut oil has been proven to assist weight loss because it consists primarily of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are great for you and essential to brain function, muscle function and healing of the body. Coconut oil is immediately processed by the body and turned into energy – it is not stored in the body where it can become fat. Although you shouldn’t go and replace your entire diet with only coconut oil, this versatile product can be used in cooking and even skincare! It is important to consume the best quality coconut oil like ours at Naked Coconuts: raw, cold pressed and extra virgin.


Did you know that more than 3.5 million people have a soy sensitivity or allergy in Canada alone? Although a less common allergen, symptoms of soy intolerance may include upset stomach, nausea, eczema, congestion, and headaches. With today’s overprocessing of food, especially with soy, the symptoms are getting worse. Those with soy intolerances will be relieved of these symptoms by consuming less unfermented soy products.


Do you ever experience low energy or headaches after consuming large amounts of soy? Coined a “soy hangover”, you may not even notice it after dipping your sushi in soy sauce or eating your teriyaki stir-fry. The truth is, soy is found in so many of our daily food items, sometimes hidden in ingredients that contain the words “lecithin”, “natural flavouring”, and “vegetable starch”. Given all this, Naked Coconuts has the perfect solution for you. Our famous soy-free soy sauce (we call them coconut aminos) are made from fermented coconut sap and mixed with hand-harvested, unrefined, unbleached, naturally-white sea salt. Believe it or not: it doesn’t taste like coconut! Our coconut aminos have the great salty taste of traditional soy sauce, but contains 65% less sodium than its nemesis. Join the #NoSoyHangover revolution! Click here to order your coconut oil and soy-free soy sauce today!


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Values & Purpose

Our Purpose

Naked Coconuts exists to bring health and happiness to your homes and dishes with high quality products that have been produced with the interests of our partners, planet, and customers in mind.

Our Core Values

We want the world to be a better place because of Naked Coconuts. That means being conscious about everything from the partners we work with to the packaging we choose. To make sure we’re making decisions that support our purpose, we live by four core values.

  1. Transparency We believe transparency makes us better. We are happy to talk about our coconut farmers, packaging partners, ingredients, and even the sources of our health claims.
  2. Quality:Quality starts with the coconuts we choose but it extends much further than that. We only offer the best of the best to our friends and you. From premium grade ingredients to sustainable packaging, we exercise great diligence in all areas of our supply chain to make sure we consistently meet our high standards.
  3. Caring: We wouldn’t exist without our customers, partners, and employees. It’s an honour to be able to create something that ends up in your home and shared with your family. So, we’re committed to giving back to the communities that allow us to do what we do. We provide recipes and advice on our website to help you live a healthier, happier life and donating to organizations that preserve and protect our communities and environment.
  4. Fun: Life is too short for and with a name like Naked Coconuts, how could we not have fun? Do the coconut dance!

At Naked Coconuts, we believe in triple profits – a new way of evaluating profit. That means we work hard to ensure our profits benefit our purpose, our communities and our planet. With each being of equal importance.

After all, our efforts to live a healthy life would be in vain if our community and planet gets forgotten.

We’re still looking for partners to make charitable donations to that align with our purpose and core values. If you have a non-profit or charity that would make a great partner, please email us at coconutlove@nakedcoconuts.com