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It all started in early 2012. The founder of Naked Coconuts, Paul, had just graduated and hopping from one job to another. He was feeling dejected as he quit his first gig and wanted to jump ship again. Dissatisfied with limited responsibilities early in his working life, he hoped to tap into his much criticized lack of patience to jumpstart something more exciting. But what?...

Our Story

It all started in early 2012. The founder of Naked Coconuts, Paul, had just graduated and hopping from one job to another. He was feeling dejected as he quit his first gig and wanted to jump ship again. Dissatisfied with limited responsibilities early in his working life, he hoped to tap into his much criticized lack of patience to jumpstart something more exciting. But what?

Kicking around a gagillion ideas, the words soy-free soy-sauce jumped at him in a brainstorming session. With great excitement he searched and searched for such a thing and finally found coconut aminos or what is now called Coconut Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce. From coconut aminos he found coconut oil, coconut nectar and other amazing coconut products!

This discovery aligned perfectly with what he was already noticing. See, Paul had a nephew that suffered from an onslaught of allergies and his family would complain that they wish they had more options. Coupled with Paul’s frustration in today’s marketplace with the lack of trust with brands, for example needing to research incessantly before buying anything, picking out a deodorant was a 3-day process, he knew there was a spot in the marketplace for a company committed to purity but more importantly complete honesty.

With his discovery of these raw, organic, non-gmo, gluten-free products such as coconut aminos and coconut oil with their amazing health benefits, and his desire to build the most honest company imaginable on earth, he started Naked Coconuts. Fun fact: it wasn’t always called Naked Coconuts. The original name was Kokolush Coconuts but Paul had an aha! moment in the shower (okay we admit, pun intended), and thus Naked Coconuts was born!

Why Naked Coconuts is the Healthiest Alternative…


A tablespoon of coconut oil a day keeps the fat away! Coconut oil has been proven to assist weight loss because it consists primarily of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are great for you and essential to brain function, muscle function and healing of the body. Coconut oil is immediately processed by the body and turned into energy – it is not stored in the body where it can become fat. Although you shouldn’t go and replace your entire diet with only coconut oil, this versatile product can be used in cooking and even skincare! It is important to consume the best quality coconut oil like ours at Naked Coconuts: raw, cold pressed and extra virgin.


Did you know that more than 3.5 million people have a soy sensitivity or allergy in Canada alone? Although a less common allergen, symptoms of soy intolerance may include upset stomach, nausea, eczema, congestion, and headaches. With today’s overprocessing of food, especially with soy, the symptoms are getting worse. Those with soy intolerances will be relieved of these symptoms by consuming less unfermented soy products.


Do you ever experience low energy or headaches after consuming large amounts of soy? Coined a “soy hangover”, you may not even notice it after dipping your sushi in soy sauce or eating your teriyaki stir-fry. The truth is, soy is found in so many of our daily food items, sometimes hidden in ingredients that contain the words “lecithin”, “natural flavouring”, and “vegetable starch”. Given all this, Naked Coconuts has the perfect solution for you. Our famous soy-free soy sauce (we call them coconut aminos) are made from fermented coconut sap and mixed with hand-harvested, unrefined, unbleached, naturally-white sea salt. Believe it or not: it doesn’t taste like coconut! Our coconut aminos have the great salty taste of traditional soy sauce, but contains 65% less sodium than its nemesis. Join the #NoSoyHangover revolution! Click here to order your coconut oil and soy-free soy sauce today!


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Goals: if we could do one thing and nothing else it would be?

Be a brand our customers can trust for our honesty and quality without question.

Vision: what will the path be to that goal?

We hope to achieve our goal by offering pure products with real benefits, communicating honestly, and genuinely caring about the well-being of our customers.

Core Values: what will our guiding principles be on that path?
  1. Honesty: it is important to be transparent in everything we do and say. We will be honest about our products- from the processes that go into them to their health benefits. We want to offer you peace of mind in the aisles. Happily honest.
  2. Quality: we care deeply about the quality of our products. We will only offer the best of the best to our friends and you. From premium grade ingredients to better packaging, we exercise great diligence in all areas of our supply chain to make sure we consistently meet our high standards. Naked is best.
  3. Caring: our commitment lies beyond providing high quality products. It is also about demonstrating commitment to our customers and communities we impact. Our customers: we will always have your best interest at heart. From our conversations on social media to the recipes and advice on our website we will always try to help you live a healthier, happier life. Our communities: we always opt for earth friendly decisions and choose sustainable resources where possible such as glass packaging opposed to plastic, recycled boxes, sustainable farming practices, and more. We also donate 1% of sales which, we hope, will make big impact. Coconut love anyone?
  4. Fun: in order to create products that you love and enjoy using, we should love and enjoy everything that goes into them. Having fun and positivity plays an integral part of our culture. Smiles are just as contagious as yawns and we hope to pass on the laughs to everyone we touch. And with a name like Naked Coconuts, how could we not have fun? Do the coconut dance.

At Naked Coconuts, we believe in triple profits – a new way of evaluating profit. Meaning that we work hard to earn a triple bottom line that not only benefits us, but communities and the planet as well. We place the importance of caring about the communities we live in and the environment right up there as a motivation for our efforts.

Giving back to the people, whether for the betterment of your community or for the betterment of our country over all. As corny as it may sound we believe that if every company and every person gives back monetarily and with their time, the world would be in a better place. We want everyone to benefit beyond just you and I. We want the planet to benefit with our presence. After all, our efforts to live a health life (and family of our families) would be in vain if our community and planet gets forgotten. We often ask ourselves “What kind of a world do you want to live in? What kind of world do you want your children to live in?”

Therefore at Naked Coconuts, 1% of all sales are donated back into communities and the planet.

Stay posted, because we will soon select the charities and foundations to make our donations! If you have any you feel strongly about, feel free to let us know. We are about constant learning and improvements. Please email us at coconutlove@nakedcoconuts.com

We want to feature a couple of our many partners who use Naked Coconuts in the makings of their goodies.

[cartems donuts logo]

Cartems is all about making the best possible donuts, from scratch, each and every day. In order to do this, we use the best locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. We don’t use any stabilizers, preservatives, or donut premix, ever. Hopefully you enjoy our product as much as we do making it! We use Naked Coconut as part of our mix of oils for frying our donuts. While we know that frying donuts isn’t ‘healthy’ by anyone’s definition, we try to take steps in order to ensure the highest quality and taste possible.

[for the love of food logo]

For the Love of Foods Inc offers The Glow Collection of goodies and chocolates that are raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and made with local ingredients. Most popularly known for making the very unique ‘GLOWBall Consciousness Truffles’ which has been described as a “non-dessert dessert” because while it “tastes like a chocolately decadent ‘naughty’ dessert, from a nutritional perspective there is nothing dessert-like about them.” GLOWBalls are only sweetened with organic BC grown green stevia, are totally chocolate-free, filled with superfoods including maca and Naked Coconut’s virgin fresh pressed coconut oil. GLOWBalls are perfect for eliminating sugar cravings, balancing blood sugar and are friendly to those on cleanses or who have sugar intolerances. GLOWBalls were chosen as one of CTV Vancouver’s Top 2 Christmas Treats in 2013.

For more information about GLOWBall Consciousness Truffles please click to visit.

For the Love of Food also makes a line of real raw chocolates called GLOW Spots that are made with premium quality organic, heirloom and raw cacao and Naked Coconuts coconut oil. They are sweetened with low glycemic sweeteners including organically grown BC green stevia and Canadian grade 3 maple syrup so you can indulge and feel good about it.

For more information about GLOW Spot Raw Chocolates please click to visit.

Julie Beyer, founder and CEO of For the Love of Foods Inc utilizes our Naked Coconuts Virgin Coconut Oil in all her products. In February 2014, she will be releasing a new flavour of GLOWBall Consciousness Truffle called “Naked Coconuts,” to feature the pure fresh taste of Naked Coconuts and to bring awareness to the outstanding quality of their favourite coconut oil brand. Extending more Coconut Love to her fans!